Sprintbit Media Player is an all-in-one powerful software that lets you create scheduled or standard playlists with all kind of media files.
It includes many valuable features. You can use it as your default multimedia player on your computer.
Please see below what you can do with its features. 

  • You can play all major audio files: mp3 mp1 mp2 wav ogg aiff wma m4a mp4 flac aac ac3 wv it xm s3m mod mtm mo3 cda mid and other if you have required codec installed.
  • Use playlists of all popular formats: m3u asx pls b4s wpl wax wvx wmx ppl smp xspf zpl pla
  • You can play all major video files: DVD, mpg mp4 asf avi wmv mkv and many other if you have required codec installed on your computer.
  • Play encrypted media files. Files must be encrypted by our Sprintbit File Manager program.
  • Play internet media stream, this includes files located on server and internet radio stations.
  • Play files in normal, full screen mode or in a standalone window.
  • You can maximize your listening experience with Subtitles & Pictures features. Shows subtitles text lines like in karaoke systems.
  • Trace your favorite files playback frequency in Playback Statistics feature.
Playback Scheduling
  • Schedule media playback at given time using Playback Scheduler
  • You can play parts of media files using Bookmarks System
  • Schedule media playback on daily basis at given time using Daily Scheduler
  • Schedule media playback on week days at given time using Weekly Scheduler
  • Start the software with computer and perform scheduled tasks
Files Management & Other Features
  • Built in File Manager let you work directly with your files like in Windows Explorer, you can perform file management tasks such as file deleting, renaming, copying etc.
  • View your media files properties
  • Search for files in your computer, view pictures etc.